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JULY  2014

Suzanne Z Kaykas-Canterbury Real Estate LLC
Dear Friend!The Real Estate market remains finicky in many markets with buyers continued demand for bargain value pricing and stringent mortgage requirements. This is a continued trend in most markets with the exception of a handful of markets with bustling economies. In is in spite of, everything you have been hearing regarding steep increases and low inventory in a variety of price points.

Make sure your expectations aline with the reality of your situation and not what hype you might have heard or what you think you need. Market values are set by supply and demand and a buyer and a seller agreeing to terms….. not by anyone else!

I hope you are enjoying the summer time….what I refer to as quality “neighbor time” and a GREAT way to continue to improve the value where you live with not more then a kind word, helpful gesture and moment of your busy day!What an ideal time to get reacquainted with your neighbors! Have a  BBQ or simply catch up outside in the beautiful warm summer air!

Your relationships with your neighbors make your community a safer, richer place to live!

Lend a hand for someone- your rewards will be many!


As Always, I  look forward to talking with you!



My best



Celebrating the gift of “today” with you today!

Skinners Butte River Park!

Fun for all ages!

Enjoyed by my kids and now my grand kids!
Skinner Butte Park is one of Eugene’s oldest parks, and is rich with local history and recreational opportunities. Dedicated in 1914, Skinner Butte Park includes 100 acres of property along the Willamette River just north of downtown Eugene. It includes such noteworthy features as Skinner Butte, the Columns climbing area, RiverPlay Discovery Playground, Campbell Senior Center, Lamb Cottage, Skinner City Farm community garden, acres of lawn and meadows, hiking trails, bike paths, picnic areas and much more.
  • 100 acres
Skinner Butte Park includes land claimed by Eugene Skinner, the first Euro-American settler of the southern Willamette Valley, and founder of Eugene. As the birthplace of the city and the modern community, Skinner Butte Park itself is a unique historical resource. Unquestionably, it is the most historically significant resource in the Eugene park system.



Consumers are seeing more credit-card offers lately.

Financial institutions mailed 992 million credit-card offers in the first quarter, up 7% from a year earlier, says the Mintel Group.

How do you size up these offers?


Some suggestions:


A credit-card checkup. Card needs change over time. A new one could get you a lower interest rate or better rewards. Curtis Arnold, founder of, warns against tossing offers without a look: “You may miss out on great offers.”

Balance transfers. The best deals here include zero interest on balance transfers and new purchases for more than a year. But the value to you depends on how much you spend, whether there’s a balance-transfer fee, and how likely you are to pay off your balance. Read the fine print: Sometimes, missing one payment can invalidate the whole deal.


Convenience checks. Offered by most big banks, they aren’t really checks at all, but are tied to a credit-card account. They carry a fee and often have interest rates higher than the card’s.


Preselected offers. When you get this kind of pitch-accompanied by an application-chances are you’ll be approved for some level of credit, but not necessarily the full amount in the offer. You may get a better deal by going to the bank that holds your checking account.

Annual fees. Many consumers wrongly think the best cards come with fees. But Capital One Financial‘s COF +0.24% no-fee Quicksilver card offers 1.5% cash back on all purchases, with no limits. The Chase Freedom card offers an unlimited 1% back. Cards with fees do offer attractive perks, particularly to frequent fliers. American Express‘s AXP +0.53% Gold Delta SkyMiles card gives new customers 30,000 miles. Barclays‘s BARC.LN +0.19% Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard MA +1.19% gives 40,000 miles to card holders who spend $3,000 in the first three months.


Robin Siedel Wall Street Journal





Nine Reasons to Love Your Mortgage  

There’s an Upside to All That Debt

Lets look at residential for the examples. It can also be as easily applied to investment and commercial properties



In June, existing-home sales rose 2.6% from May to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of five million, according to the National Association of Realtors. As usual, a majority of buyers took out a mortgage. The hefty loan involved fundamentally alters the finances of these families — and opens up some intriguing opportunities.



Here are nine ways to think about that debt.



It’s your cheapest way to borrow.

I’m not crazy about carrying debt. But if you need to borrow, a mortgage is the way to go. The interest incurred is typically tax-deductible and the rate should be low, in part because the loan is secured by your home. If you have other debt, you probably could lower your borrowing costs by paying off those loans and instead carrying a larger mortgage.



It’s a negative bond.

Got a $200,000 mortgage and $200,000 in bonds? One is costing you interest while the other is earning you interest, so arguably your net bond position is zero. In fact, the rate on your mortgage is likely higher than the yield on your bonds, so it might make sense to sell bonds to pay down your mortgage.



It leverages your entire financial life.We all engage in mental accounting, thinking of our home and mortgage in a different bucket from, say, our brokerage account. But once we have that mortgage, it effectively leverages our financial life, allowing control of more assets than if we didn’t have the loan.

Suppose you own a $400,000 home with a $300,000 mortgage. Your only other significant asset is $200,000 in stocks. In effect, what you have is a $600,000 real estate-and-stock portfolio, half of which is bought with borrowed money.

That leverage magnifies gains and exaggerates losses, in the same way you can magnify gains and losses in a brokerage account by buying on margin. But a mortgage is the safer way to borrow.

While a brokerage firm can force you to repay a margin loan if your investments plunge in value, your mortgage lender can’t demand its money back if your home tumbles in price.



It’s a backup source of emergency money.If you’ve built up some home equity, consider setting up a home-equity line of credit. That way, if you suddenly get hit with large medical bills or house repairs, you can borrow against your home’s value.



It makes inflation your friend.Like other hard assets, real estate tends to hold its value when inflation picks up. Also got a mortgage? You could be doubly protected against inflation.

The payments on a fixed-rate mortgage stay the same even as inflation rises, which means you can repay the loan with dollars that are less valuable. Adjustable-rate mortgage borrowers don’t benefit to the same degree, because their interest rate will likely rise with inflation, though there are typically caps on how much and how fast the rate on an ARM can climb.



It lets you profit from falling interest rates.If you have a fixed-rate mortgage and rates rise, you can sit tight with your low-cost mortgage. But if rates fall, you can refinance at the lower rate. Indeed, with 30-year mortgages still available at less than 4½%, this remains a great time to refinance.



It’s an effective way to build wealth.Despite the recent property slump, many folks still say their home is the best investment they ever made. It isn’t because homes have enjoyed great long-run price appreciation. Over the past 30 years, prices nationally are up 3.6% a year, as measured by the

Freddie Mac FMCC -0.48% House Price Index. That’s barely ahead of the 2.8% inflation rate.

Instead, homes build wealth by forcing folks to save. With every monthly mortgage payment, you trim the loan’s principal balance-and eventually you should own a valuable asset free and clear.



It’s your default investment.If you’re worried about today’s lofty stock valuations and lowly bond yields, you could always pay down your mortgage instead. Suppose your mortgage is costing you 5%. That’s the effective pretax rate of return you earn by making extra-principal payments.



Paying it off can drastically reduce your cost of living.Indeed, making that last mortgage payment is often the signal that retirement is finally affordable. Want to retire early? You might make extra-principal payments, with a view to getting your mortgage paid off ahead of schedule
ByJonathan Clements

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3 bedrooms 2.5 baths
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Living Room with Cozy Gas Fireplace!
Kitchen with breakfast counter
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Master with bath and walk in closet!
Fenced backyard with storage
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Underground sprinklers!
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PLUS information on 1000’s of additional fantastic properties!

What impressed us about Suzanne was her excellent communication skills. She presented her honest evaluations and thoughts in a very timely manner through out each step of the process. Suzanne puts careful consideration into each opinion regarding a decision that was needed to be made as well as follow up with a hard working, problem solving resolve!
Thanks again Suzanne!
Ken and Heather Henry
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What a GREAT way to spend your birthday..her horse knew it to!!First time for Grand Champ and first placements!


Wayne, Chloe, Carey and Jaime!!!

The following rates are based on 30 day locks with no discount points and credit scores of 740 or better, as of


 No change since last month! 


They are not come ons, they are the rates you will most likely get from a reputable lender, regardless of what is advertised.  Certainly there are other specialized programs available, depending on the qualifications of the buyer.


*The 30  year payment of Fixed Non-Owner rate is based on a 25% down payment .This is where the best rates  come in for investors.



30 year fixed conforming = 4.250%apr4.312%
15 year = 3.250%apr 3.337%
3/1 ARM = 2.875%apr 2.926%
FHA/VA 30 year fixed 3.875%apr 4.919/4.177% 


Prime rate is currently 3.250%

30 Yr Fixed Non-Owner    4.500%     apr  4.612%


 Still great rates!


Commercial rates are equally as competitive and quoted in the low 5’s for A+ buyers recently!







“It is not the company you keep,

but, the broker you hire for a successful
Real Estate








Jim and I are big movie fans!
We love to spend a couple of hours lost in the magic of a well acted movie with super speakers and the biggest screen around! We love all types of movies, films and lots of popcorn!!


Interesting thriller with a sci fi twist that had a story line we have seen previously but with a refreshing twist!I have to admit-I am not a fan of watching violence which meant a portion of this movie was ample for me with  sound effect only!
Scarlett Johansen and Morgan Freeman added the excitement!
 Another Jim and Suzanne enjoyed movie!

“A friendship founded on business is a good deal better than

a business founded on friendship.”

John D. Rockefeller

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